Young Artist Master Series (YAMS)

For this program, a student prepares one or more pieces for a master teacher and receives a coaching in October and January. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers who would like help in preparing for MAPs, or the Chapter Honors Competition, or are working towards certification, as the hours count towards continuing education points. Scheduling: YAMS requires a 45-minute minimum. Avoid scheduling too little time, as you want to have time for the student to play their pieces AND have time to receive instruction. Deadline: Sign-ups are pre-paid for BOTH sessions, and should be turned in by October meeting. It is very difficult to change times/dates for second session. Although fees are not refundable, you may send a different student if necessary.

  • Dates:
    • Fridays: October 12, 2018 and January 18, 2019
    • Saturdays: October 13, 2018 and January 19, 2019
    • Sundays: October 14, 2018 and January 20, 2019
  • Locations:
    • Fridays and Saturdays at Nyaho’s Studio in Normandy Park
    • Sundays at Julie’s Studio in Kent
  • Registration Deadline: October 16, 2018
  • Fee: $75 per hour (45 minute minimum per teacher)
  • 2018-2019 YAMS Instructor:┬áDr. Esther Wang