CHC is a competition to select student representatives for the annual WSMTA Conference. Judges select a 1st and 2nd Chapter Representative, 1st and 2nd Alternate, up to 5 Ranked Honorable Mentions, and as many Unranked Honorable Mentions as they choose. All student entrants receive written comments from the judges.

Teachers must register students. Students, please contact your teacher if you would like to participate in CHC.

  • Saturday, March 2, 2019
  • Kent First Baptist Church: 11420 SE 248th St, Kent
  • Fee: $35 per student
  • Registration Deadline: January 8, 2019 (estimates will be collected November 13, 2018)
  • 2019 CHC Judges: Dr. Danius Vaicekonis and Dr. Jensina Oliver

CHC Deadlines

  • November Meeting: estimates due
  • January Meeting: registration forms and payment due
  • Prior to February Meeting: names, pieces, composers, and duration of timed performance(s) due

CHC Requirements and Procedures

  • Participants are required to participate in the Music Artistry Program to be eligible for competition.
  • Participants are limited to 8 minutes of performance.
  • On the day of the competition, students must check in 30 minutes before their assigned playing time and turn in music.
  • Students will not have access to the piano at the facility prior to the competition.

CHC Results

2019 Winners
2018 Winners
2017 Winners