The Gibson Music Scholarship Award was established through a generous gift of music scores from the estate of former member Leaine Gibson, who passed in 2010.

It will be given annually to a high school senior who intends to pursue music as a major or minor at the college level. It is open to students of SKCMTA members.

Students will need to submit an essay as described on the entry form. The essay should be double spaced in 12 point font, not to exceed three pages.

Based on the essay, selected candidates will be asked to give an oral presentation to a panel of judges. Students should present their case as to why they deserve this award.

Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible. It should be emphasized that this is not a piano competition, and is not based on performance. However, if a short instrumental demonstration is necessary to illustrate a point, it will be allowed at the judges’ discretion.

First, second and third place awards will be given at the discretion of the panel.

The essay should be mailed to: SKCMTA, 25446 163rd Pl SE, Covington, WA 98042 and postmarked by March 15, 2019.

The oral presentations by the selected students will take place at the regular meeting of the South King County Music Teachers Association on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Download Scholarship Application Form