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Adjudicator Selection Committee: By Invitation
Archives: William Chapman Nyaho, NCTM
Chapter Honors Competition: Julie Swienty, NCTM
Certification: Karen Hollenback, NCTM
Fine Arts and Music Artistry Program Recitals: Samantha Yeung
Hospitality: Dianne Nichols
MembershipMary Kaye Owen, NCTM
Music Artistry Program (Piano): Julie Swienty, NCTM
Music Artistry Program (Voice): Darcie Fulkerson
Music Literacy Program (MLP): Dr. Steve Nehrenberg
Music Festivals: Mary Kaye Owen, NCTM
Newsletter (Concento): Kevin Peterson
Publicity: OPEN
Scholarship: Heather Forbes
Student Recitals: Sviatlana Riedel
Sunshine: Sally Ramsden, NCTM, Dianne Nichols
Teacher to Teacher Mentoring: Karen Hollenback, NCTM
Technology/ Website: Samantha Yeung
Yearbook: Elena Aleksandrova
Young/Junior Artist Master Series (YAMS/JAMS): Julie Swienty, NCTM