2018 CHC Results and Fine Arts Recital

2018 Chapter Honors Competition winners and honorable mentions were featured in the Fine Arts Recital on Saturday, March 10. Congratulations!

State Recitalists
1. Audrey Chang; student of Svetlana Riedel
2. Rosario Araceli Tarabi; student of Julie Swienty

1. Mark Davydenko, student of Svetlana Riedel
2. Kayla Clark; student of Nyaho

Ranked Honorable Mentions
1. Anthony Truong; student of Nyaho
2. Davis Nichols; student of Dianne Nichols
3. Tim Nguyen; student of Nyaho
4. Claire Shi; student of Julie Swienty
5. Benjamin Kye; student of Svetlana Riedel

Unranked Honorable Mentions
Ryan Jou; student of Stephanie White
Rene Conrath; student of Heather White
Charity Peterson; student of July Swienty